The roots of Elikzir

Many years of experience in the extraction of botanicals, its team of botanists, the knowledge of formulation and the creativity & passion for innovation in flavour & taste development, are the roots of foundation and spirit of Elikzir

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The market focus for our project pipeline and product development is in botanical based health supplements & drinks.

Clean & clear label, no additives, no synthetic flavours, no preservatives, no synthetic colours, no texturising agents, no allergens, no GMO, organic sources where possible and botanicals produced in very clean conditions. We are inspired for our creations on medicinal herbs, spices, tea, flowers, fruits, berries, roots, leaves, beans, bark, seeds, vegetables, pigments, seaweeds, algae

Botanical Academy

Elikzir attaches great importance to the selection of top quality of botanical raw materials in collaboration with its worldwide suppliers, and in partnership with technology application centers. Elikzir develops creative compositions based on natural botanical ingredients and solutions, that result in concepts of very pure healthy and tasteful consumer products.

The team behind Elikzir

Elikzir has a unique team of experts in botany, pharmacy and creation of taste & flavour to develop products accepted by consumers. We work in collaborationship with partners experienced in extraction technology and development of nutritional recipes, based on botanical ingredients.